The Fairfax Fedora

The Fairfax Fedora


Designed in the spirit of the colourful Melrose Trading Post flea market at Fairfax High School, this charming fedora is a true head-turner and the only accessory you need to breathe life into any outfit. The peacock eye feather stands out against the beautiful blue tone whilst the combination of the brass and silver buttons on black lace marry together perfectly to produce an effortless hippy-chic style.

Available in various sizes. Also available as a pork pie hat.

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Blue unisex fedora.

100% wool felt, black silk trim, black lace trim, peacock eye feather, silver plumage feather and assorted vintage-style buttons.

All designs are hand-finished, therefore the products may vary slightly from the image, for example, the lace trim may be a different pattern, the buttons are picked from an assortment. If you have any specific requests please include these in the ‘notes’ section of your order.

Hand-finished in England.